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The overall aim of the Worcestershire Medico-Legal Society is to bring together medical, health care and legal professionals to provide a forum for discussion on areas of common interest and to increase appreciation of each others view points on medico legal matters.

Worcestershire Medico-Legal Society Reborn, March 2008.

Medico legal issues are constantly in the news : the controversy over experiments on embryos being just one example. The Worcestershire Medico-Legal Society existed for a number of years to provide a forum for medical, health care and legal professionals to get together and discuss topics of common interest, but some years ago it folded. Now it has been reborn and the inaugural meeting was on Wednesday 9th April, 2008 at 7.30 pm at The Charles Hastings Educational Centre when Ms Laura Stretch spoke on "Domestic Violence Awareness" and the new system of courts to deal with these cases.

Worcestershire Medico Legal Society (WMLS) and the University of Worcester

An exciting development in the history of the WMLS has been the growing links between it and the University of Worcester. In January 2015 David Green, Vice Chancellor of the University, and John Duddington, Chairman of the WMLS, signed a memorandum of co-operation between the two organisations which commits them to working together to promote exchange and co-operation in areas of research and the sharing of information in areas of mutual interest.

This co-operation has already resulted in:

  • A conference at the University in July 2015 on Best Interests in Medicine attended by well over 100 delegates with another conference planned for July 7th 2016 on End of Life Care.
  • Representation of the WMLS on a working group at the University which is planning for an LLM/MSc in Law and Ethics for Health and Social Care which it is hoped, subject to validation, to offer from September 2016.
  • A decision by WMLS to hold a number of its meetings at the University campus in Worcester where it can hold its committee meetings in the old Board Room of the former hospital where the British Medical Association was founded in 1832 by Sir Charles Hastings, a Worcester doctor, as the Provincial and Medical Surgical Association.

The ultimate aim is to work towards establishing a Medico Legal Centre at the University.

Membership of the Society is open to medical, health care and legal professionals as well as students.




Charles Hasting Education Centre

Charles Hastings Education Centre Worcestershire Royal Hospital

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Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind Chapel, University of Worcester

From: http://www.wrinl.org.uk/index.htm